🎟️ Activities
  • Movies at Louis Hardlooper complex. Every week they show other movies at this cute little cinema. These are not the movies that are at the cinema, but arthouse movies. They are movies with an artistic character. Definitely worth checking out!
  • Escape rooms. Can you and your friends escape a room by solving different puzzles within one hour? There are a lot of escape rooms in Utrecht: Mysterium, Gajes in de Bajes (in an old prison), Get out of here, Escaping Utrecht, and a virtual reality escape room Time).
  • Comedy night at Café Hofman. Every first and third Wednesday of the month they have an English version of their comedy night. At this evening different stand up comedians will do a bit. They are all not professionals and all do very different acts. There is always something that will make you laugh!
🍝 Affordable places to eat
  • HEMA. The number one dutch store has a little restaurant on the second floor. You can bet a 'Boerenkool' here. This is one of our favorite kind of 'stamppot'. With a meal starting form 3.50 it's the cheapest place to get a meal while still getting enough to eat.
  • Grand café Luden. Every Monday till Friday from 12:00 you can eat lunch here for only 6,50. And two drinks are included as well! The building is absolutely gorgeous with ornaments and historical sealing paintings.
  • Gras van de buren. In this cozy pub, you can buy lunch for either 5, 6, or 7 euros. This includes one drink as well. The food is homemade and the atmosphere in the pub is great.
  • Florin. If you want to eat out for dinner but not pay too much you should go to Florin. Every Monday and Tuesday you can choose from the student menu with food for only 6,50! Florin is a great, slightly bigger pub with a wide range of beer choices.
  •  Walden. Do you want to have a first and second course, and also a dessert for only 15 euro? You can get this at Walden! You can choose each course from the menu with 10 choices for the main course). You can also get lunch here with a drink included for only 6 euros.
  • Noen. For a great breakfast or lunch, you should head over to Noen. For the early birds, they open at 8:00. Noen is a very cute café with chilled out music, rustic interior, and free Wi-Fi.
  • Mick O'Connels. The irish pub. With around 12 euro's not the cheapest. you can get a ‘Kip, Patat & Appelmoes’*.
    A Dutch and Irish favorite. *(Chicken, fries & Apple sauce)
☕ Getting a coffee
  • Lucas. At this cute little café, they serve amazing coffee and also great tea! They put a lot of love in their products and there are even some vegan cakes on the menu.
  • Landhuis in de stad. This cafe is the in park Oog in al so you can go for a stroll after getting some coffee. The atmosphere is great and it feels homey. But be aware, it can be very busy at the weekend.
  • De ontdekking. This café is based around traveling. Every corner of the café has a different theme based on a country. They sell food and drinks from around the world, from Japanese tea to Brazilian coffee!
  • Rabarber. Rabarber is a very cute and hipster café. You can get good coffee but also a nice breakfast and lunch.
🍻 Unique places to get drinks
  • Olivier. This pub is built in an old church from 1860. When building the pub they preserved many old elements: the altarnis, the arches, and the organ. It is very well known for its craft beer and definitely a must-see when in Utrecht.
  • Taphuys. At this bar, you can tap your own beer! You have the choice of 68 different beers. You buy a card and place this next to the beer you want and the beer will flow! You pay per centiliter so you can decide how much you want in your glass.
  • Tilt! In this café you can play a lot of different board- and card games. They also have nice food and drinks.
  • Rum Club. This bar is a bit more expensive but definitely an amazing experience. It has exotic vibes with a tiki cocktail bar and nice music. And of course, they serve great rum.
  • Mick O'Connels. The Irish pub to go to if you want a real beer. It's one of the few places to get a pint of Guinness. They serve food as well.
  • Beers and barrels. In this pub, you will have your own beer tap attached to your table. You will pay your beer per kilogram, so you can decide how much beer you want in your glass. A unique experience!
💃 Clubbing
  • Poema. Every Tuesday night there is an international night at ESN. This is the best day to go to the Poema, since the atmosphere is nice and there are lots of students here. You can dance to sing-alongs all night!
  •  Tivoli. If you feel more like a bigger party you should head over to Tivoli. The music is great and the building is a lot nicer than most clubs in Utrecht. But be aware, for most parties you do need to buy a ticket and beer is a bit more expensive here.
  • Chupitos. This is the only shot bar in Utrecht. You can get every shot you have ever dreamed of (with fire, candy or Harry Potter themed). People usually stay here for an hour to do a few shots and head out again to another pub or club. But the music is still nice to sing along to.
  •  ‘T Pakhuis. This is a typical Dutch pub/club fusion. The building is more a pub building, but people dance all night long! It is always packed with students and beer is not too expensive. Always a safe option for a good night.
  • De Vrienden. This pub is a lot like ‘t Pakhuis, but bigger. They have a lot of sing-a-longs and a lot more space to dance.